Top Ten Metaverse Games In 2022

Maybe you’ve heard of the arms race that certain gaming firms engage in. Yes! Features developed with this in mind will be included into the metaverse. I know what you’re thinking, but what at first appeared strange is really rather obvious now. We may soon see virtual reality gaming totally replace traditional video games. This article will explain what “metaverse gaming” is, how it differs from “regular” video games, and list the best 10 metaverse games you may play in 2022. Here’s additional information if you’d want to scroll down.

Best Ten Metaverse Video Games of 2022

Here is a list of games that may or may not be under production; nevertheless, the majority of these games have already been launched and are being played by players all over the globe.

1. Chainers

Chainers removes the requirement for players to install any supplementary software in order to explore the metaverse play-to-earn games. Currently, NFTs may be created and compiled on the Chainers platform, and support for NFTs created by third parties is in the works.

Chainers will succeed where previous metaverse ventures have failed, and that is in 2022. Go to the waiting list page to be among the first who play-to-earn game and earn cryptocurrency. 

Earn more in-game currency to unlock new features and buy even more prizes while showing off to other players.

  • Craft items, and customize your character and house to express your individuality and creativity.
  • Unlock new gameplay activities and increase your wealth
  • Compete with friends in various multiplayer games
  • You can play hundreds of games that have been created by other players

2. Sandbox

French entrepreneurs Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget of Pixelowl launched Sandbox in 2012. Users may make their avatars seem like blocks and utilize metaverse blockchain and smart contract technologies to safeguard their material.

Sandboxes include three things. Create avatars, cars, plants, animals, and tools using VoxEdit. Sandbox’s Global market enables users sell their inventions internationally. Game Maker lets people build 3D video games without coding.

The Sandbox’s currency is “Sand.” Properties (collections of territory) are for sale on the Sandbox global map. You may potentially sell these assets to other Open Sea NFT players.

3. Decentraland

Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordino introduced Decentraland in the 2020s. MANA allows players to create avatars, equip avatars, and buy property in this virtual environment. Each 16-digit square-meter property may be rented for dwelling, retail, leisure, and entertainment. Players may also make money by arranging events where virtual art is sold. These websites accept MetaMask, a popular cryptocurrency.

4. Axie Infinity

Sky Mavis founded Axie Infinity in 2018. In a video game like Pokemon, players may collect, trade, and sell “Axies” Each person has 500 pieces. Axies have distinct talents and qualities.

Axies may fight or hunt for prizes. Players may buy land and build Axies’ houses using in-game resources.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are blockchain-managed digital holding licenses that reflect the worth of virtual animals and other gaming elements. Players may get tokens by giving three Axies to professors or other people. AXS are the game’s money. In this computer game, winning earns you a bottle of soothing love juice or SLP tokens. Axis fertilization requires SLP and AXS tokens.

5. Chain of Alliance 

Chain of Alliance, which came out in 2020, is just another medieval role-playing game featuring character customization and an NFT rating. Each player may only use eight of their figurines every round. To improve their chances of winning, teams should choose the best players and provide them the resources they need to perform well.

6. My Neighbor Alice

In My Neighbor Alice, users acquire and care for Alice’s virtual farms. Users may pick what to plant, what animals to nurture, and how to interact, similar to Farmville. Users may sell honey from their own beehives and honeybee farms. NFTs may be exchanged on the Alice market and other blockchains. NFTs may be plants, animals, dwellings, and clothing.

7. Illuvium

Illuvium promises to be a “true triple-A, 3D blockchain” Players explore an extraterrestrial world in quest of illuvial. Pieces or cures catch them. Players may deploy these species against the game’s more than 100 new creatures and other players. illuvial NFTs may be traded, and their value grows with quality and scarcity. When a player has three of the same illuvial at maximum rank, they might combine them to increase their strength.

Players may receive armor and weaponry from Illuvium’s base. Players earn Illuvium (ILV) for accomplishing activities and challenges. IlluviDEX lets gamers exchange ILV.

8. Farmers World

Farmers World will allow players acquire land, mine for precious metals, cultivate crops, raise animals, fish for food, and build pig homes. AtomicHub is open.

Players’ virtual farms may produce eggs and milk, among other NFTs. Players may trade or sell produce.

Players must battle against the red and white clans and other players who want to steal commodities or guard the farm from wild animals.

9. Prospectors

The Prospectors is a multiplayer economic strategy game set in the 19th-century Wild West. Prospectors Gold, earned by performing missions, is used to buy in-game stuff.

Players start with three workers to manage or hire out. Workers may initially assist players to dig a mine. This planet’s mining is free, but construction requires to be rent. If rent isn’t paid, the property’s contents will be auctioned off.

10. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds players must explore and mine six planets to earn the game’s Trilium money. Each planet elects its own leader democratically based on TLM.

If users require additional TLM or stronger mining equipment, they should own their site or pay a landlord. Players may also win tokens by battling other intrepid explorers.

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