Common Strengths A Casino Dealer Should Have

A casino is an area specifically for social amusement, such as games, particularly gambling. It is a facility often built near cruise ships, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other tourist attractions.  Most people who visit casinos are idealistic salary-earning players; these people are usually around the ages of 20 to 30, not the usual type to save for future purposes but instead spend it on gambling and find the thrill of casino games challenging. Before starting to search for resume samples as your guide, what are the common strengths that Casinos have been looking for in their Casino Dealer?

Stellar math abilities

Being a casino dealer involves adept skills in math. Knowing and being familiar with different gambling involved games such as roulette, pai gow poker, blackjacks, and more. Casino Dealers should be someone who can oversee all the capabilities and possible moves in order to play the other terms of luck.  It is also an advantage for you because it will make it easier for you to calculate all payouts after each round.  Although, it is a must to be attentive to small details because you creating small mistakes could lead to having you pay more or less than what you’re supposed to.

Customer Service

These are known to be something that could simply ruin or expand someone’s business. Providing the needs of every gambler and even their questions regarding the rules of each game. They’re fond of building relationships with customers and fellow dealers, giving quick and specific responses to inquiries, and such. Communicating in terms of misunderstanding towards something may be towards the treatments, directions, and even gambling-related questions.


Although becoming friends with regulars is a good thing, never favor them when gambling. Being professional in terms of handling the game, calculating the wins, and even the differences between players must be taken note of. Chit-chatting with players amidst the game starts should never be done. Being able to still be in work-ethic and stay in character in the midst of the game

Concentration skills

One of the most important skills in this field is concentration; when the game starts, you’re to ensure that all rules are followed and not disregarded, standing still and checking every move of the players in case of any forms of cheating or mistakes are made, for any issues along the game is not just part of the player’s responsibility but also yours. Also, games could be finished after a long period of time, so being mentally prepared to focus on things regarding the game is a must.


In terms of the game tactics, rules, and other things that should be abided by, it is a must for the Casino Dealers themselves to understand all the details stated in the regulations. Knowing things or how the game should start and end, how things work, and what are the possible movements of the players per situation, you should be somehow familiar with how things work as of the moment. Not only that, we’re talking about the game but also your job itself, how you could do your job as a Casino Dealer without creating unnecessary mistakes as per unfamiliarity or blurry instructions.

Be presentable

Gamblers are all decent and will give off that expensive vibe; the whole time at the venue, it is a must for you to look your very best, staying fresh and away from odors that could make the gamblers leave your table. Ensuring that you’ll seem professional and be someone trustworthy to handle their gambling money. The way you speak and present yourself in front of everyone before starting the session gives them the best of the best impressions making them become regulars at the casino you work in.

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