Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven Film Evaluation


Entertaining screenplay and Funnier dialogues, the USPs in a Sundar C movie is low in VRV. At times, the dialogues uttered by the characters resonate nicely with the ideas of the audience. For occasion, throughout a particular music, Yogi Babu interrupts saying “Pause the song!”. The audience would very well relate with this dialogue, with considerations over the position of songs. In addition to this, there are comedy sequences that aren’t simply unfunny, but in addition not engaging.

On failing to do this, he shifts his focus to Maya / ‘the main heroine’. Megha and Catherine, too, are exposed to the male gaze continuously. In Megha’s introduction scene, she is shown struggling with the zipper on the again of her dress and Aditya , who has just come into the home, enters her room and pulls it up with out permission.

These directs references to Simbu’s latest telling off by the Producer’s Council stretch to incorporate the ‘purple card’. It’s nearly as if the actor is admitting to all his off display screen irresponsible behaviour on display. Simbu plays the role of Aditya, a multi-millionaire businessman from Spain who doubles as a hitman for his wheelchair-bound grandfather Raghunandhan . The household has ‘lakhs of crores’, is involved find a cure for cancer, lives in a palatial residence and has multiple butlers surrounding them to are inclined to their every need. But Raghunandhan remains unhappy like a ‘poor man’ (the hero’s words, not mine). This is as a result of he drove away his daughter Nandhini from the house, for marrying a lowly lawyer Prakash who studied on a scholarship supplied by her own family.

Even though Simbu and his display presence does lots to resuscitate the film, the script does not complement his efforts. But the problem is that Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven also desires to be an STR showcase. While that isn’t essentially dangerous , here, the writing and the dated execution let it down. But there is only so much star energy can save in a weak script. In attempting to be each an STR movie and a Sundar C film, the film ends up as being neither. Raghunandhan is a rich however unhappy businessman based in Madrid.

The climax sequence in the railway station gives a convincing finish to this household drama and STR puts up a mature efficiency there. The family audiences may connect with the family sentiments, however, it may be a uncertain debate for the youngsters and common film goers. VRV has three comedians — VTV Ganesh, Robo Shankar, and Yogi Babu — who play ‘whose turn is it to get thrashed for comic effect’. It is nearly like they move the baton to each other at numerous stages of the movie. reserves the proper to take all or any feedback down at any time. The film proclaims the story to be a battle between Raghunandhan’s anger and Nandhini’s tenacity but the highlight remains firmly on the hero. You know it’s a Sundar C film when it begins with a shot of the heroine’s midriff. Now, I am used to heroine characters being one-note, but VRV pushes the boundaries. Both Maya and Priya are given characters who don’t appear to know what they’re doing.

Vantha Rajavatha Varuven was marketed as a ‘business movie’ and to count on logic is impractical. But the film is, at its greatest, common and at its worst insufferable because it progresses. It simply does not have the “mass” appeal, despite how desperately it tries. Nandhini and Prakash realise their folly and reconcile with Aadhi. Maya is kidnapped by 4 henchmen appointed by Azhagu, where she narrates the story to the henchmen.

Aadhi and Bucket reach the spot, and Maya reconciles with Raja. Raghunandan reconciles with Nandhini, and Aadhi is unanimously appointed because the CEO of the corporate because of Raghunandan and Nandhini’s support. The movie ends with Aadhi holding Raghunandan’s hand with affection.

For a considerable time, we see Priya flirting with Adithya aka Raja and in precisely ten seconds, we are advised that she has a boyfriend and now, Simbu is the matchmaker. A below-average first half needed a strong 7 worst habits for the brain second to revive issues, but the movie goes downhill there as nicely. Many characters – together with the lead heroines Megha Akash and Catherine Tresa – come and go, however have little to do.