An increasing number of business owners and entrepreneurs are now relying on ICOs to fund a broad range of ventures. These are different from IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) that allow investors to buy valuable company stocks, typically in the form of shares or percentage ownership.

A reliable ICO guide can tell you that this method is comparatively more accessible than others, enabling businesses to initiate or introduce coins to start a project funding. Invariably, this crowdfunding technique is soaring in popularity since it holds benefits for everyone involved.

Here’s a list of the most significant benefits that an ICO provides. Refer to it and learn more about its importance in the modern world, enabling companies to survive in a highly competitive market.

Anyone can become an investor

One of the most excellent pros of an ICO is that people from all walks of life and budgets can invest in them. For instance, it can be students with a bit of extra money, software employees in need of a comprehensive investment portfolio, or corporate giants looking for the next big crypto. Invariably, people invest in ICOs for several reasons, depending on their interests, budget, and specific requirements.

Moreover, companies launching ICOs generally leave a wide berth to accommodate investors from various economic strengths, ensuring they receive the necessary funds to start a project.

Secure online transactions

When you carefully study traditional investment methods such as IPOs and exchange forms like stocks or bonds, you will notice that they rely heavily on an endless range of paper filings. After that, they may undergo various processes that may or may not be successful in attaining vital funds from the public. These techniques cost a lot of time, effort, and energy, while also being considered risky.

In contrast, there is barely any paperwork involved in ICOs since all transactions are done securely online. If anything goes amiss, the trail can be quickly traced and investigated. However, you must read the entire whitepaper about a particular coin you wish to buy, as it can tell you how profitable it can be in the future.

Additionally, you can run some background checks on the company launching the ICO on social media sites and community forums to better understand who they are.

High ROI

Just because the value of new coinage is less initially does not mean it will remain the same forever. Once a project takes off successfully, the crypto can become a high-priced valuable digital asset overnight, ensuring the investors enjoy an excellent ROI.

You can consider Antshares (or NEO) as a fitting example of this scenario, which became super successful primarily because it incorporated features such as secure identification and digital assets.


Refer to a reputable ICO guide to understand the most remarkable benefit it offers – high liquidity. Since these currencies are not physical and do not require a physical platform to be traded in, they are more liquid than some other assets. Therefore, investors enjoy the priceless opportunity to quickly buy or sell various digital assets online without the deals significantly affecting their market value.

Furthermore, they can easily keep track of the overall value of their investments by studying how the particular company is performing at any given time.

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